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Courtroom Efficiency in the 21st Century

Judges who want to help you save time and money will do these three things to improve efficiency: (1) learn and use available technology to its maximum potential; (2) learn and use effective techniques employed by other judges; and (3) keep up with the latest trends in courtroom management. 

Here are some of my ideas for making the court more efficient and productive.

What is the Rule of Law?

If you agree with the idea that no one should be “above the law,” then you already have an understanding of what the Rule of Law means.

What is wrong with allowing judges to solicit and accept political contributions from lawyers?


To be clear about my message, I am not suggesting that any judge currently sitting in Nueces County has intentionally allowed lawyer campaign money to influence the outcome of any particular case.  My message is about the integrity of our system of justice, the potential for corruption and the possibility or appearance of improper influence. Public confidence in the integrity of our judicial system is compromised by our current system, which presents a question of whether a judicial decision might be influenced by lawyer campaign money. This question wouldn't even come up if judges were not allowed to accept political contributions from lawyers who might appear in their courts. In the context of an individual case, I believe it is important for the losing parties to believe they had a fair trial and to have confidence without a doubt that the judge’s rulings were not influenced by money paid by one of the lawyers involved in the case.

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